Its Never to Early to Start Building YOUR List!

As you start building your business, you will come across many opportunities to develop multiple streams of income. A key to managing all of these and being efficient will be to start right off by keeping organized. Start a spreadsheet or list of any programs you join, along with any usernames, passwords, referral URL’s and any other important information you may want to keep track of. Be sure to keep a backup copy somewhere safe in the event of a computer malfunction, it will save you countless hours later in trying to find all the information.

As you are beginning your business, you will inevitably read or hear that the money is in the List and that is true.  Its never too early to start building your own list that you will eventually market your products to.  There are many tools you can use to keep your business organized and to start building your own list.   Many are free, some have upgrades and are worth it.  One of my favorite tools that I use to save time when advertising on traffic exchanges is TE  Toolbox.   There is a free version which works very well..I found it so useful that it is one of the products I recommend upgrading.  This allows you to track and create splash pages, rotators, etc with minimal effort. Another tool you will want to get relatively soon is an autoresponder of some kind so you can start building your own list, not just someone elses.  A very good one that also includes an affiliate program as well is Traffic Wave

For additional tools, see my page labeled Tools.  Most of them are free, with optional upgrades.  You can upgrade as your business needs and income grow.

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3 Responses to Its Never to Early to Start Building YOUR List!

  1. FCA Software says:

    Thank you for sharing with us the opportunities offered by GVO and the great tool, which is TE Toolbox. For becoming successful, any Internet business must start with reliable and trustfully Internet partners, like the ones you have mentioned.

    Allow me to add some words about GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities Inc.). What is doing this company and who is behind? Basically, the company offers website hosting and dedicated servers to its customers. Many other companies do that, at different prices. The difference, which makes GVO one of the companies standing out from the crowd, is the fact that they offer much more tools (some of them you have already mentioned) to promote a business and to be a successful online MLM marketer.

    Joel Therien, CEO of GVO, left Canada due to scarcity in bandwidth and migrated south to San Antonio, Texas. Although for two years the company couldn’t market, their customers stayed using GVO hosting, conference rooms, easy video producer and all of the other fantastic services they offer for one low monthly cost. However, Joel really built GVO around the fact that the online MLM business phenomenon is growing enormously each day. Now, the company is in the position to offer its customers a very extended set of services, from hosting, advanced online MLM marketing tools, up to an extended marketing network.

    Indeed, Internet is full of opportunities to develop multiple streams of income. Unfortunately, about 98% from these opportunities turn out to be scams: some people promose big incomes and others invest to receive the prommised income. At the end, the first get the money, while the second get …. a sad experience. The question is: how can be a scam recognized?

    Waiting for your next post,
    Florin Caministeanu
    FCA Software

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