Setting Goals and Priorities

Hello again everyone! Sorry its been so long since an update. I have been learning lots of things, but while I was at it, I got distracted from some of my business plans. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who are being pulled between a family, job, and other responsibilities that the thought of trying to pull out even a few hours a week to build your business seems like a daunting task, and when you do sometimes it feels like the results are so slow….but keep at it, doing just a little task every day and it will grow. The seeds you plant today will start to grow and flourish, if you continue to work at it.

One thing I have learned to do (and still need to get better at) is prioritizing the items I need to do to reach each goal. Having a list of major goals first and then breaking it down into smaller ones, with a checklist of tasks, makes it easier when you only have a few minutes or more to work to get right to the most important tasks. At a glance you can see that you are making headway toward your goals..

So if you don’t already have that road map to your goals, take some time right now. Think about what you really want in the areas of life you want to focus on. Take the time to think about why you want them and what achieving them would really mean to you. See yourself actually achieving that will be amazed if you start this practice how soon you will start seeing some of your goals start to be achieved and those small victories will allow you to start making this a habit you will continue and revise throughout your life. I’m taking time again to review my goals and celebrate the little victories I have made already. Just having this list helps you to see just how far you have come.

I hope you will take some time today to start setting your own goals and join me in the journey toward our own unique successes! Have fun and enjoy the journey..

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