September, 2014

I am deleting my prior posts on this page due to the fact that many of the programs have changed and may or may not still be around.  On this page you will find many ways to earn streams of income.  Some will earn you a little, some a lot, depending upon your effort.  I realize that many people have a limited amount of money to invest at first, so I am showing several ways of earning some start up seed money.  It is very important if you want to grow into a full time cubicle busting income, that you re-invest at least 1/2 of your income to leverage your business.

I have tried to show many options including many that are free, but there will be programs that you will need to invest in if you are serious.

The ABC’s in Internet Marketing:

Hello! Today I want to talk about one of the things that overwhelmed me when I was just starting out. Have you ever got lost wondering just what all those letters mean? Starting online, you get hit with PTC, PTR, TE, and the list goes on. Its like you stepped into an alternative universe.. With a little time you will get used to all these terms. I still run into acronyms that I have no idea what they mean!

PTC’s or Paid to Click programs are where you as a user get paid to view advertisements or emails. These can be paid at a variety of rates. Usually you need to view each advertisement a set amount of time. You can make money on these programs, but it will take a LOT of time if you don’t have a big downline of referrals working with you. They are good for building some seed money to fund other type opportunities without using money out of your own pocket. There are some very good programs out there that have been around a long time and pay quickly, however there are many many programs that are scams and after all your effort, don’t pay at all. For someone who is trying to build a business with little or no start up capital, this can be a way to get started easily. You will not get rich with this, but you can earn some nice money to help in building your business.

I will be adding a link to some of the programs that I use and have had good results with as well as a list of those that seem to be either scams or a complete waste of time.. Keep in mind all comments here are my opinion only and you can check them out for yourself! There are lots of people out here trying to claim they are experts. There are some great coaches, and others not so reputable, so take any claims with a grain of salt as my grandma would have said. Do your own research when you can, and build a group of people you trust to tell the truth….the good and the bad.

I hope this has helped a little and welcome any comments…. Together we all grow and learn!

Sunshine n smiles