For anyone that is serious about creating an online business, there are some tools which will be a necessity, and others will just make your life easier and more productive, after all we all want more free time right? The other thing we all need besides traffic of course is to build a good downline or team of referrals. This will help you build your list and income faster and more efficiently. Below are a few tools which I have found to help me. Most have a free version which works just fine, some you may want to upgrade as soon as you can. Another tool you may seriously want to consider if you are going to go be doing internet marketing is an autoresponder. The one I use is Traffic Wave, not only does it have a great selection of tools, it also has an affilate program that allows you to also make money with it! Whats cooler than that?  I am currently working with a group of people who are learning to build their own business while building an income using Traffic Wave.  Its called Matrix Busters…i hope you will join us.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Check out the great tools below to aid you in setting up your business.

This is a must have in my opinion. I have upgraded and it has saved me so much time. I love it!

Here is a new program to build downlines and it is free to join!

Domain registrations and hosting

A good program especially for beginners to learn to make their own splash pages.

Quick Tab Change – makes your surfing more efficient