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PTC -Paid to Click

PTC’s have been around now for quite some time.  There are new ones popping up everyday.  There are many that have been around for several years and have been very trustworthy like Clixsense and Neobux.  Others come and go, so my rule before really investing much into them other than my time, is to try them out and see how they respond to support issues, do they pay on time, how long does it take to get paid.  The thing with PTC programs is that although you can make money especially if you get referrals (not purchase) it can take a lot of time to add up if you are not patient.  However, in my opinion it is a great way to get some “seed” money to use to invest in your other tools and programs as you grow your internet ventures into other streams of income.

Below are some of the programs I use.  This list may update and change as I find out more about each site and its reliability and performance. Just click on the name or banner to be taken to the site for more details or to sign up.

At this time (7/17/17) Clixsense has removed its option for PTC ads.  They have moved to a new business model more around surveys and tasks.  Some people find this to be lucrative.  My personal experience with these tasks has not been as positive as others. Clixsense has now removed the upgrade option.  I will check on this site from time to time but it has been removed from my daily list of sites to work on.

  • Neobux – it takes a while to get to cashout if you don’t have referrals, but they pay out and are reliable.  I have not personally upgraded in this site at this time.


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