A New Beginning – The World Has Changed

Today is May 1, 2024.  What a different world we are living in today as compared with the last time I created a post.  Not only has the world changed, but I have changed as well.  Over the last few years, the world has experienced a global pandemic.  We had to get used to a new way of doing business and personal finance.

In a post-pandemic world, we have seen many things change.  Although this was a dramatic time of our lives, one positive thing came out of the changes (in my opinion).  That change is the acceptance that it is possible to work or earn income online or from home.  Prior to this, many companies did not view this type of remote work as a viable option.

Another good thing is the adaptation of collaboration using online tools such as Zoom.  This has allowed those of us who want to have more time and location freedom many more opportunities to explore.   The gig economy is growing as more people are trying to become debt-free.


Going forward, this blog will be trying and reviewing various options that are advertised as ways of making extra money online.  I will be posting my results and opinion on how each one rates.

Many of my prior posts regarding income opportunities will no longer be available.  I may go back and check the status of the sites with updated comments, however that will not be a priority.

If you have any comments,  income making recommendations or your own results, I would love for you to leave them in the comments.

Starting over, starting today!  Lets do this together!

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