images toolboxFor anyone that is serious about creating an online business, there are some tools which will be a necessity, and others will just make your life easier and more productive, after all we all want more free time right? The other thing we all need besides traffic of course is to build a good downline or team of referrals. This will help you build your list and income faster and more efficiently. Below are a few tools which I have found to help me. Most have a free version which works just fine, some you may want to upgrade as soon as you can.

The first tool you may seriously want to consider if you are going to go be doing internet marketing is an autoresponder. The one I use is RocketResponder.  This allows you to easily build your own list to market to.  Keeping in contact with your subscribers and allowing them to get to know you will help your to grow your business.  Just make sure you are giving them information that is of value, not just always trying to sell them something.  See what your subscribers want and need, then see how you can help them with that need. If you are honest and make a habit of over delivering, you will soon find you have a very loyal following.

Since you will be doing quite a bit of advertising, it will be very important to track your ads… I use TrackMe because it allows me to track my clicks and save valuable time since it also includes a link rotator.

If you get involved in Affiliate Marketing , you will soon see that everyone may be using the site provided squeeze pages.  As a result, your advertising needs to stand out from the crowd.  I recommend using a custom splash page such as AdKreator.  By adding some branding of yourself, you will soon find yourself making a name for yourself.  Don’t forget, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Don’t stay invisible and get lost in the crowd…Stand out !

These are just some of the tools available to help you in building your business, no matter what the subject is.  If you find yourself needing some kind of resource and can’t find it, let me know and I will be happy to recommend something or help you find what you need.