November, 2010 …..Start getting your records together and see which programs are working and those that you love, those that you need to learn more about and those that aren’t a good investment of your time. Next month, I will discuss reviewing where you are, re-visiting your goals and making your plan for 2011.

May 24……Just a quick reminder this week to take time out to recharge your batteries and to review you goals.. Are your programs getting results? Are you tracking your links and splash pages to see how they are working? Start a spreadsheet of some kind, to keep track of your referral links and the important information about the programs you have joined. Make sure you take some time to review the ones you are in to make sure you are getting the most of your efforts.. are you using your text links? banners? have you created a custom splash page? have you started branding yourself? Take some time out once a month to review your strategies and make adjustments. Take advantage of all the opportunities to attend webinars, read ebooks, and use the educational information that your sites provide. Remember they want you to succeed because if you do, they will as well. To your success!

April 13……There is no PERFECT time to get started building a business. If you wait til you have enough time, money, the economy to get better, the kids to get older… no matter what the reason, you will find that one day you will wake up and realize you haven’t got any closer to reaching your goal of having your own business. My tip for this week is to jump in and start. Don’t worry that you don’t know enough, there are people who will help you if you only look around and ask. Ask questions and learn as you go. Remember the only way to fail is to not take that first step and get started.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help you on your journey, do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer all email within 24 hours in most cases…

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