Changes and Challenges

Changes and Challenges

April 24, 2015 ..      Its not everyday you wake up in the morning and by the end of the day your life has changed in a major way.  On a normal Tuesday morning, I headed out to work.  That afternoon, several of my co-workers and myself were called into a meeting and told that our jobs were being eliminated effective April 30.  Wow.. talk about a shock.  After almost 11 years, my tenure there was about to end.  I am about to join millions of other people who have lost their jobs over the last few years.  Being 55 years old and feeling like my skills are outdated….is a little daunting, challenging, and to be absolutely honest…..SCARY!  

But…for the last few years, I have been bored, and frustrated…stuck working in a cubicle as nothing more than a cog in a wheel for a big corporation.  One of the things I had always told myself was that IF I only had the time to build my own business, to help other people…to travel more that I would do it.  Well, it appears that now is my chance to do just that!  No more excuses to myself that I don’t have the time.   What exactly do I want to do next?  I’m not sure, but having the time to explore the new world that is opening up to me is exciting.  

So what are my next steps….what am I going to do for a living?  I have so many options and ideas inside my head that I have never had the time to explore, that I am going to take the time to work on me..on finding out what I really want and start to not only survive this thing we call life but to actually live it, feel it….enjoy every minute of it.  I am going to share the ups and downs of this adventure as it progresses, as well as sharing the many different ways I find to make money both on and offline, as well as my progress on attaining my goals.  

I hope you will enjoy sharing this adventure with me and learn some along the way to help you as well.  

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