Busy Week! – Honor Flight for my Dad

IMG_20140916_230320_738Wow, this has been such a busy week.  Between working and other obligations, I have been constantly doing something.  One of the outstanding moments of the week was attending the return of an  Honor Flight for our veterans from a visit to the Memorials and much more in Washington, D.C.  My dad was one of the veterans who had the opportunity to attend.  

I was so inspired by the volunteers who worked so hard to make this possible.  What a great cause.  71 Veterans of the military branches were greeted by cheers and bagpipes, giving them the chance to experience some of the “Thank You’s” that they may not have received when they returned home after serving in the military.  There were so many smiles, tears and memories in that corridor upon their return.    It was truly a special experience for all….veterans, current military, family and community.  Thank you Tri-State Honor Flight!

  IMG_20140916_224830_843 IMG_20140916_221250_915

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