3 Things all SERIOUS Internet Marketers Need

Hi everyone.  Today I want to talk about the 3 things I have observed that are what I consider necessary to be successful in Internet Marketing.   One of the things I always hear is “the money is in the list” but to be honest its not just in the list, its in what you DO with your list.   Still being a relative newbie to this, and not very technical, I found myself always agreeing but asking ..so ok, but HOW do I build a list of my own?

Well first I needed a more personalized and unique Splash page to make my offer to m prospects.   I found a product called Adkreator that has templates and yet allows me to use my own creative ideas.  By adding my codes from my autoresponder, it lets me start to build my list.

When deciding on an autoresponder, you can see from my earlier posts, that I chose to use TrafficWave.  Not only is TrafficWave a great way to maintain your lists so you can stay in contact with your prospects for your current offer as well as future ones, it also has an optional affiliate program where you can build a very nice residual income.  I am part of the Matrix Busters program where in addition to the original 30 day free trial, I will pay for your next 30 days as well, giving you almost 60 days to get in profit.  Whats better than having a necessary tool, paid for by one of my affiliate programs and making money as well?  I love it!

The third tool I find necessary for me is a way to manage and control sending out my emails to safelists.  After trying many different methods of keeping track of mailing times and emails, I found SL Genie.  Although the free version to try it is only good for 2 weeks, I took the 6month OTO and found it worth so much more than the money it costs me.  I am so happy that I was shown this product and to now share it with you.

If you want to know more about any of the products mentioned above, please feel free to email me.  As a disclosure, since these are affiliate programs, I may receive a commission if you join and use any of the above, but I will not recommend any product I am not using myself and believe in!

Happy promoting and see you next time!


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