SL Genie – I love it!

I have been doing online marketing for a while now, and I had given up on using safelists because there was a lot I didn’t understand how how to use them and it was overwhelming trying to keep up with when to mail and clicking on emails for credits.  After I joined The Retire on This Team with Traffic Wave, I needed a better way to keep track of all the resources I was joining for safelists.  I tried creating my own spreadsheets to keep track, but i was still wasting so much time, and since like a lot of you, I have a full time job as well, time is a valuable resource.  There were a few programs that I tried, but they were complicated and hard to understand.  When I saw SL Genie, I was reluctant to try because it does have a monthly fee.  However since I am approaching this as a business, I also know you have to invest in any business if you want to be successful.  I did a little research and liked what I saw, so I decided to try the 14 day trial, but when I saw the 6 month OTO, I couldn’t resist taking it when I signed up.

It takes a while to set everything up, there is so much there, but you can start using it to keep track of when you mail, and clicking credit ads, as soon as you get even just one of your lists set up.  I can’t describe how much I absolutely love this tool!! It makes sending out my ads, a breeze and saves uncountable time when I am working toward credits to send my next ad out.  For any of you that are having trouble keeping track of all you need to do with your safelist advertising, I highly recommend SL Genie!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a blessed holiday!

As always, if you have questions, feel free to email me anytime…

Sunshine n smiles


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