Who doesn’t LOVE an Easter Egg Hunt?

    So why am I talking about hunting eggs ?  It’s almost time for the CTP Egg Hunt.  This event takes place starting tonight March 14 at midnight and goes through March 28.   75 Eggsmembers will win cash prizes for finding the most of those elusive eggs or for doing various tasks for a hint or the badge itself.    The folks over at CTP have worked to make it fun for its members to participate in a variety of contests.  Many of these help not only the members, but also the participating sites for promotions by generating fun and a challenge! 

This year I have decided to be a sponsor of one of the egg badges.. its a new step for me as I learn more strategies to grow my business.  As most of you have heard many times, the money is in the list and there are many unique ways to grow your list. For me its about providing valuable information and building relationships with my readers.

If you want to learn about building your list , let me know.  I use RocketResponder as my autoresponder, a must have if you are serious about building your business.  I’ll write more about this in a future post but for now… Happy Hunting!  Egg Hunting that is.. 

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9 Responses to Who doesn’t LOVE an Easter Egg Hunt?

  1. Good post Carla.
    The badge hunt has always been a great way to get your programs out in front. It is a very worthwhile investment in your list building. The best thing is, most people who are hunters, are also serious online business people who often remain in your program and help it grow with you. Good luck Hunters!

  2. Carla says:

    Thanks Evelyn for your insight into the Badge Hunt Promotion.. as usual I appreciate your opinion and help!

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    Great post Carla! We have sponsored a few eggs in previous hunts and received great results. Most notable was getting over 100 people to like our Shaklee Independent Distributors Ken & Elaine Wolff page on Facebook. Now I hope people know that it starts at 00:01 AM EST on the 14th. That is in just a few hours. That midnight hour is always a bit confusing to me. 🙂 Best of success with your list building. It is one thing to have a list, but you are so right, that success comes with providing value and developing the relationship with those on your list!

  4. Carla says:

    Ken, I’m happy to hear that your experience with the previous Egg Hunt was a positive one with great results.. Lets me know I am on the right track..

  5. Great Blog Carla I like to get in on the hunt.

  6. ehans1 says:

    Very good webblog !
    Happy Eastern and enjoy your blog.
    i hope i get my Easter Egg Hunt 124 Badge.

    Best wishes ehans1

  7. ehans1 says:

    WHEN i get my Easter Egg Hunt 124 Badge ???

  8. Carla says:

    Did you confirm your subscription? The badge link for your egg is in the PS in the welcome letter.

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