Preparing for my 2016 Challenge

Take Aim for 2016

Take Aim for 2016

There are only a few days remaining in 2015 and I have some big goals to achieve in 2016.  I have found that preparation is key when setting out to reach any goal you may have.  There are a few steps that need to be done in order to be able to accurately judge your results.

Assess where you are starting from.  There are no judgments here,  just see where you are starting from.  For a financial result, simply sit down and list your assets (what you own), your debts (what you owe) and any savings/income sources that you currently have.  For example, one of my goals is to be debt free other than my home (eventually I want to pay it off as well!).  How will I know if or how much I am getting closer to my goal if I don’t know how much I actually owe?  

  • List all your monthly financial obligations to determine a minimum goal to reach toimages debt free become financially self sufficient. I personally use a spiral notebook and plan my cash flow each week.  This will be easier for those who have a regular income to count on.  In my case since I want to be financially free to pursue my dreams of travel and having my own business, I am currently starting at zero for my income.  Yes this will be a real challenge for me!
  • images budgetThe biggest thing that has helped me to survive the last several months with my greatly reduced income is setting up and living by a budget. It may sound strange, but there is great power in knowing exactly how much money you have and where it is going.  Thank you Dave Ramsey!  For those not familiar with him, I highly suggest you look up his book, The Total Money Makeover.
  • And last for today, sit down and decide on your own personal goals for 2016.  In my next post, I will share some of mine with you.

I hope you will decide to join me on your own journey to more freedom in 2016.  Just the act of writing down your goals makes them that much closer to attaining them.

To our growth and prosperity.






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