Countdown to a New Year – 2016

images resolutionsHello again fellow travelers.  How did you do yesterday?  Did you take some time and decide whats important to you or what you want to achieve in 2016?  Just the act of taking a little time to DECIDE, makes your goals closer to fruition.  Sometimes, seeing your goals make seem a bit daunting and you may be tempted to revise them down.  But its just as easy to dream a big dream as a little one, so dream BIG! 

Once you have decided WHAT you want to achieve, think about some smaller action steps you can take to move closer to your goal.  Are there people who can help you?  Is there information you need?  There is no right or wrong here.  The key is to take ACTION!

We are now down to 2 days to the New Year….so one of my personal action steps to prepare for the Year is to check my balances in my accounts as of 12/31/15.  I have to start today because I have so many programs to check and I do want to spend some time with my family and friends to celebrate.  Since I use a cash method of accounting for my business, its essential to get a good snapshot in time of your balances, not only for tax purposes, but also as a way of keeping score.  With good records you can keep track of your actual results and make more informed decisions about updating your business plan.

Are you finding these posts helpful?  Please comment and let me know your thoughts!


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