Ready, Set….Restart!

I can’t believe its already June and the summer time!  So much has gone on this year.  My job is being eliminated because we got bought out, and will be moving to another department that is nothing like where I am.  My real goal is to bid my J.O.B. bon voyage when my department closes.

In addition to not know whats going on in my career, my daughter has also blessed me with twin grandsons who are currently in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) since they were born 3 months early.  They are doing very well so far, but will be there for at least the next several weeks.

I recently got involved in a new program to learn more about online internet marketing called NetMentor.  Its very intense, and I am learning so much.  I will share here some of the lessons I am learning to help you reduce learning curve. There are so many more opportunities than the ones I have been exposed to so far.

This is the year that I take that big step into the unknown and test my limits… its time to fly!

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