Autoresponders and Matrix Busters

Today I want to talk about a program I am involved with.  When I first started, everyone kept talking about the importance of building a list.  Well after learning more, I agreed whole-heartedly, however I had NO IDEA how to go about doing it.  It didn’t take long to learn a little about autoresponders, those programs that will automatically send out information to your contacts which is important as your business starts to grow.   I tried a couple of times to do it, but I was so new and had no help from my upline to learn how to effectively use one, so I ultimately gave up.  Now a little over a year later, I wish I had stuck with it and learned more.  Recently I came across a group of people who work with Traffic Wave. I decided to join this group known as Matrix Busters.  Not only do I have an autoresponder that helps me build my list, but it also provides a stream of income that can pay for itself. Whats cooler than that?


Our Matrix Busters group has its own website and chat where you can go to ask questions, bounce ideas, etc.  I have found everyone to be helpful whether they are in my upline or not!!  I never feel alone and when I get confused, someone usually can help me with it.

Traffic Wave also has a nice training system to help you learn how to make the most of its tools.  You can join with a 30 day free trial and with our Matrix Busters plan, I will pay your second month, so you have 60 days to learn, use and get in profit before you have any money out of your own pocket!  I love it!

If you have any questions, let me know.  I would love to have you as a part of my team I am building!! What are you waiting for….don’t be like me and wish you would have done it a long time ago.  To sign up for your 30 day free trial for Traffic Wave and to join me, just click here.

I look forward to working with you to build your business!

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